Slide Ecological Restoration


At LDSI we hold a strong belief in the preservation and protection of land for future generations

We understand that any work we do has an impact on its surrounding area. Our team of expert engineers strives to ensure that our impact is always a positive one. With renowned expertise in the Southeast US, we have the local knowledge necessary to do great work that stands the test of time. We regularly partner with private, local, federal, and non-profit organizations and people on ecological restoration projects. Whether it be site assessment, H&H studies, design, or construction oversite, we have the capabilities and experience to restore the hydrology and habitats of impacted sites. Our designs improve water quality, flood attenuation, drainage, and habitat for local flora and fauna. Our local experts have the knowledge necessary to account for water quality, quantity, and local wildlife that may be impacted by our work. We use a holistic approach at every phase of the project, whether it’s considering land use, sourcing local materials for substrates and structures, selecting native vegetation for bank stabilizations and planting plansor creating designs that promote biodiversity. Our work improves and restores our water resources in a cost-effective way that benefits both people and nature.

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