Slide Coastal Resilience


At LDSI, we are passionate about protecting our coastal resources and communities

We’ve seen first-hand just how devastating hurricanes and storms can be to our coastal communities. At LDSI we offer a variety of services to improve resiliency in our coastal communities while increasing water quality along our shores. We’ve completed multiple projects across the coast and have the nuanced experience to handle water quantity and quality issues. We have the necessary experience to analyze drainage infrastructure in our coastal communities where slopes are minimum and watershed boundaries can change with high wind conditions. We are experts in designing and restoring coastal streams and wetlands to improve water quality and promote biodiversity. We understand how to select the best possible solution for a problem, whether it be the installation of a stormwater BMP to attenuate flooding or updating an existing drainage network to account for increased development.  With multiple team members living on or near the coast, we are passionate about providing quality work that lasts.