Town of Atlantic Beach Watershed Restoration and Stormwater Resiliency Master Plan

Atlantic Beach, North Carolina

Following recent hurricane events, the Town of Atlantic Beach has become concerned with their drainage infrastructure and its resiliency.  The Town has had longstanding concerns over the quality of water being discharged into the Bogue Sound.  LDSI was contracted by the Town of Atlantic Beach and the East Carolina Council (council of governments) to perform a study of the existing drainage infostructure and prepare a Stormwater Resiliency Study and Watershed Restoration Plan. The project team consists of LDSI, the North Carolina Coastal Federation, and members of the contracting entities. The team identified “hot-spots” within the ~1,700-acre jurisdiction boundary where restoration efforts will be focused. The team is preparing the Watershed Restoration Plan based on the Environmental Protection Agency’s Nine Elements guidance document. The goal of the project is to identify areas where the Town can implement stormwater infiltration projects to reduce the amount of water discharging into the sound. The team is utilizing LiDAR digital elevation models (DEMs) along with Hec-HMS and various other software models to categorize land use and predict runoff volumes. These model outputs will be utilized within the plan to reduce nuisance flooding, water pollution, and runoff volume. This work will help align future capital improvement projects with stormwater retrofits and increase community awareness with public outreach.

Project Dates:

  • Dec. 2019 – Present

Services Provided:

  • Disaster Response
  • Government Program Compliance
  • Watershed Analysis
  • Drainage System Design