Topsail Beach Stormwater Feasibility Study

Topsail, North Carolina

The Town of Topsail Beach, like many coastal towns, has seen a significant increase in stormwater runoff due to increased impervious surfaces from land development. This increase in runoff carries pollutants to downstream waters and is detrimental to water quality. This poses issues to both citizens and wildlife and makes the beaches less desirable to visitors. In addition, this increase in runoff volume has also caused roadway flooding during rain events which can be hazardous for public transit.

LDSI was contracted by the Town of Topsail Beach to develop a feasibility study for reducing stormwater runoff to nutrient sensitive water around Topsail island. LDSI analyzed 7 “hot spots” selected by the Town and Costal Federation as potential project locations. Preliminary analysis of these sites included: survey work, field analysis, soils investigation, engaging with town members, and H&H modeling. Conceptual stormwater mitigation plans were then modeled for each site and analyzed for both cost and effectiveness.

Once modeling was complete, LDSI ranked these designs using a multi-criteria decision matrix to deduce which project and design would offer the most beneficial outcomes to the Topsail Beach community and its surrounding water. LDSI is currently working with the town to select the projects that are most beneficial and generate a final report.

Project Dates:

  • June 2020 – Present

Services Provided:

  • Disaster Response
  • Government Program Compliance
  • Watershed Analysis
  • Drainage System Design