New Bern and Craven County EWP DSR

New Bern, North Carolina

LDSI, Inc. assisted Resource Institute, Natural Resource Conservation Service, Craven County, the City of New Bern, and other federal and state agencies (FEMA, CAMA, USACE, DWR, DEQ, NCDA&CS, etc.) with disaster inspection of a stormwater drainage infrastructure, bank stabilization, and surrounding erosion located in and around New Bern, NC.  The failures were following Hurricane Florence which produced 17 inches of rainfall over the 4-day event within the New Bern – Craven County area as reported by NOAA.  Based on NOAA Atlas-14 precipitation frequency estimates this event would exceed the 0.2% occurrence probability event (500-year storm).  Additionally, the area was battered over a four-day period with storm surge and hurricane force winds.

LDSI was asked to assist with the Disaster Survey Report (DSR), perform a site visit, develop a feasibility design, and develop an opinion of probable cost.  LDSI, Inc performed a site investigation and performed a due diligence assessment of the areas identified by the City of New Bern Public Works department and Craven County. 

  • LDSI developed the following concepts within the feasibility design
  • Grading to restore and stabilize the slopes of the channel banks and integrity of the drainage infrastructure.
  • Slope stabilization near the Neuse and Trent River to protect homes within the area.
  • Installation of living shorelines and near shore wave breakers to protect the toe of the slope during storm events.
  • Re-vegetation of the slopes and disturbed areas to minimize erosion post repair.
  • Clearing and snagging to remove debris and impediments to flow during storm events. 

LDSI completed the documents as required by the federal agencies to move the project from the planning level to the approve-appropriated level. The engineering services for this project were approximately $9,345 for DSR assistance. The estimated construction repair cost at the completion of the concept plans was approximately $600,000.  The design services were completed ahead of schedule and under budget.

Project Dates:

  • April 2019 – July 2019

Services Provided:

  • Disaster Response
  • Government Program Compliance
  • Watershed Analysis
  • Drainage System Design