NC Division of Coastal Management EWP DSR Assistance

Intercoastal Waterway, North Carolina

LDSI, Inc. assisted Resource Institute, Natural Resource Conservation Service, NC Division of Coastal Management, the North Carolina Coastal Federation, and other federal and state agencies (FEMA, CAMA, USACE, DWR, DEQ, NCDA&CS, etc.) with disaster inspection of hurricane debris and surrounding erosion located in and around the Intercoastal Waterway.  LDSI was asked to assist with the Disaster Survey Report (DSR), perform a site visit, develop a feasibility design, and develop an opinion of probable cost.  LDSI, Inc performed a site investigation and performed a due diligence assessment over a project area spanning 150 miles from Oriental, NC to the Little River Inlet at the NC/SC line.  LDSI was responsible for inventorying and mapping the debris associated with the Hurricane Florence.  LDSI used online GIS mapping software to communicate with project partners with status updates and so that all partners could view the debris locations.  LDSI was also tasked with developing feasibility cost analysis for removing all the debris as well as a project timeline.

LDSI completed the documents as required by the federal agencies to move the project from the planning level to the approve-appropriated level. The engineering services for this project were approximately $37,072 for DSR assistance. The estimated construction repair cost at the completion of the concept plans was approximately $2.15 million.  The design services were completed ahead of schedule and under budget. 

Project Dates:

  • Jan. 2019 – July 2019

Services Provided

  • Disaster Response
  • Government Program Compliance
  • Watershed Analysis
  • GIS Database
  • Surveying & Mapping