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  • Happy Famous Surveyors Day!

    Also known as Presidents Day, but we’re pretty proud today. It is well known that George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson are immortalized on Mt. Rushmore for their great contributions to our nation. It is not as well known that at least six (6) out of fifty-six (56) of the signers of the Declaration…

  • NC State BAE Career Fair

    LDSI, is looking forward to speaking with potential employees at the NC State BAE Career Fair.

    Watershed Restoration and Stormwater Resiliency

    Proud to be a part of a few Watershed Restoration and Resiliency Plans. Thank you #NCORR, #NCDCM, #NCCF, and many others for the continued support of our local governments with grants and funding opportunities to ensure their resiliency. Keep up the great work! https://www.coastalreview.org/2020/10/boosting-local-efforts-key-in-resiliency-plan/

  • #COVID

    Redlines from future engineers. School from the office, a bright spot of the COVID pandemic. #youngminds#futureengineers#COVID

    Weekly Photo Contest

    Always great to work in Uptown Charlotte.
    #277 #Charlotte